External Antenna for the Solo III meter
When the Solo III meter is installed in a position that has too much attenuation (eg. too far or too many walls) or installed in an RF-screened enclosure...
My meter looks different to the one on the manual
There are 3 different variants,  Please refer to the label on your meter to identify which variant you have,  ASL/EM-LITE 868 only (PCK-S3-005) ...
Replacing the Solo III meter 'Top Hat'
The Solo III meter is separated into two main parts Meter 'Top Hat' The 'Top Hat' element is pictured below: In rare ...
What is the make and model number for the Solo III Meter?
The Solo III meter is referred as Twin Element EMlite meter.  Model number type is: EMC1.W
Why are both LEDs on the meter module off?
Switch off power to the property and then remove and re-insert the top module. If the problem persists replace the meter or contact support.