When the Solo III meter is installed in a position that has too much attenuation (eg. too far or too many walls) or installed in an RF-screened enclosure such as a steel weatherproof box, it is necessary to connect a supplementary antenna to the meter’s external antenna connector to ensure reliable communications between the Solo III meter and the Solo III hub.

When locating the meter inside a metal weather proof box, it is necessary to mount the supplementary antenna outside the metal box using an SMA(F) Bulkhead connector to SMA(M) of suitable length.


Cables can be bought from Farnell – SMA-Cable-300mm

An external antenna will be required.  This needs to be selected to provide the right balance between size and gain and must conform to local regulations pertaining to EIRP.  Suitable antennas are:                                                    


Suitable antennas can be found at Farnell, RS or DigiKey: