Reset the Hub:
Insert a pointed object in to the reset button on the base of the hub for five seconds while the hub is powered on. The hub will then reset and the link icon will be RED.

Pairing the Meter:

Press and hold the button on the front of the meter for five seconds then release, you should see the word “Pairing” on the LCD of the meter

Press and hold the link button on the hub until the LED flashes amber

The hub link LED should turn green as soon as it pairs to the meter.


Reset the Display:
Remove power to the display and then press and hold the three buttons while powering the
Display back on. Press the right (n) for DATA RESET and then the left button (y) to
Confirm FULL RESET. The display should read PAIR HUB
Pairing the Display:
Press and hold the link button on the hub for 3 seconds until the LED flashes amber. The display should then read HUB OKAY, then show the home screen with

signal bars and a cloud icon in the top left corner.