The Chorus is easy to install and works with systems where both the generation and the import meter are modern electronic meters with an LED output (a flashing light on the front of the meter, usually with ‘imp/kWh’ written next to it).

There are two cases where the system will not work:

1. if your import electricity meter’s LED pulse output flashes both on import and export;

2. if you have an older ‘Ferraris wheel’ meter (Note: your energy company is obliged to change it if you ask them to do so).

Please also not there are some meters that appear to have pulse outputs but do not flash when importing. To be sure, you can check your meter when it is dark outside to see if your household consumption is causing your import meter (utility meter) to pulse.

It’s very important that you check you have the right meters before purchasing a Chorus.

The watt hour meters below are examples of import and export meters you may find as part of your installation. These all have pulse outputs and are generally compatible with the Chorus. In some cases these meters can be set to a different mode that causes them to pulse on import and export. To ensure your import meter is compatible, check it does not pulse on export.

These meters serve as an example of what to look for in your own meter. There are many different meters used in the UK so your meter may vary.



The following meters are examples of incompatible meters: