There are a number of reasons that can cause this:

o The SD card lock slider is in the ‘Locked’ position.

§ This will prevent the SD card from being written to. Check the slider on the SD card is in the up position – closest to the metal contacts at the top of the SD card.

o The SD card is faulty or the filesystem on the SD card is corrupt.

§ You can confirm this by opening the SD card on your computer. If the computer recognises the SD card, it is likely the SD card is fine. If however you suspect it is faulty you can try using a different SD card. Any standard SD card (from a camera or other media device) that is 2GB or less in capacity should work.

o There is an error in the Solo PV’s memory that is preventing it writing any further data to the card.

§ This can be fixed by performing a memory clear on the Solo PV display. This process will clear any erroneous files in its memory but also any other data files waiting to be written to the SD card. To perform this procedure follow these steps:

1. Unplug the Solo PV display from the power (also check there are not any batteries in the back of the display).

2. Hold down the button on the back of the display.

3. Plug the power supply back into the display while holding down the button.

4. Keep the button held in until the message MEM CLR is displayed on the front and the digits at the top of the screen start to count up.

5. After the display has counted up to 1024 it will restart and reconnect to the transmitter. Data should start to come through within 2 minutes (providing your Solar PV system is generating electricity).

6. The clearing of the memory can revert some setting back to default. Enter the settings menu (hold down the middle button on the front) to check the time, date and other settings.

§ After performing this ‘reset’ there may be gaps in your data from the time/day the error occurred to the present time.