The Solo is designed to operate in a home environment, over a range of 30 metres with two walls in between the Transmitter and Display. If the units are further apart than this, then you may need to bring them closer together to communicate.

Other reasons for the units not communicating are:

§ There is radio interference. Try moving the display to a different location or follow the video guide and repairing process below.

§ The batteries in the transmitter are flat – is the battery icon on the display flashing? If so change the batteries.

§ The transmitter is inside a metal meter cabinet. Radio communication doesn’t work as well through metal so you will have to move the display closer or preferably, mount the transmitter outside the metal cabinet.

The video and steps below detail the reset an pairing procedure that will resolve most communication based issues, particularly the interference issue mentioned above. Please note, because we supply several versions of the Solo yours may vary in version number and appearance to the one in the video.

The steps demonstrated in this video guide are detailed below:

First plug the Display into the mains and ensure it is in range of the Transmitter. Check the Transmitter has all 3 batteries in place and is powered on. Wait 2 minutes and see if the lightning bolt symbol in the middle of the Display comes on. If the lightning bolt symbol is on steady without flashing then you will not have to follow the instructions below. If you are not getting readings on your Display there is likely another problem with your Solo. If the lightning bolt symbol is flashing or not displayed at all please follow the guide below to pair the Display and the Transmitter:

§ With the Solo Display turned on and on the main screen, press and hold the pair button on the back until the “NET LEFT” message is displayed.

§ Press the middle button to return to the main screen.

§ The Solo Display will now reboot – after few seconds it will show your original screen.

§ Remove one battery from the Transmitter (black box).

§ When the Solo Display is back on the main screen you will need to pair it with the Transmitter again. Press the pair button on the back of the Solo Display so that “PAIRING” is displayed.

§ On the green circuit board of the Transmitter you will see a small  black or brown button in the top left corner, press and hold down this button and at the same time insert the battery you removed earlier. You will notice a green LED (light) comes on (next to the black/brown button). It should now be in pair mode and will pair with the Solo Display. When the green light disappears you can let go of the black/brown button.

§ Check for “PAIR” on the solo display and the tick symbol.

§ You can now press the middle button on the Solo display to return to the main screen.

§ After 10 seconds to 2 minutes the lightning bolt symbol will light up and stay steady. If it does not repeat the steps from the beginning.